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Store treats at room temperature (unless otherwise stated). If items will not be consumed within 24 hours and are not heat sealed, place treats in an airtight container or bag and remain at room temperature. Do not place treats in direct heat or sunlight. Temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit are not suitable for treats. We cannot be responsible for damages that occur due to heat over the stated temperature.


Our brownies, blondies and cookies are baked fresh daily and do not contain any added preservatives, so we encourage you to enjoy them as soon as you receive them. If you can resist devouring them immediately, your brownies and cookies arrive heat sealed and can remain at room temperature for up to three days. After three days, we recommend that they be frozen in the heat sealed bag (brownies and cookies freeze remarkably well, for up to 6 months).

Brownies and cookies taste best at room temperature or even slightly warmed, so we suggest the following guidelines. Times vary depending upon microwave ovens and power settings. Remove from heat sealed bag before warming:

  • Warming after freezing takes about 15-20 seconds in a microwave

  • Warming after refrigeration takes about 10-15 seconds in a microwave

  • Warming from room temperature takes about 7-10 seconds in a microwave


Please note that all cakes, cupcakes and dessert shooters are stored in the refrigerator prior to pick up. They will be cold when you pick them up, as this allows for better and safer transport.

Ensure your AC is on high upon pick up and while driving to your location.

No sharp turns, no sudden stops, no speeding and no additional stops. Keep your cake flat in the footwell of the vehicle.

Upon pick up, please go straight to your destination and place your order in the refrigerator.

Your order should be removed from the refrigerator 2-3 hours before sharing, for optimum flavor and texture.

Do not place it in a “sun-lit” area; even when in a climate cooled room, direct sunlight from a window can cause a cake to get too warm and melt overtime.

All cakes will have plastic/wooden cake dowels inside to support the height, structure and weight of the cake.

*All products are the responsibility of the client upon leaving, unless it is delivered.

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